product care

The specific washcare information for each product is provided on the items page on our website, and also on the care label inside each physical item. These should be strictly followed to ensure the longevity of your Self-Portrait item, Self-Portrait cannot be responsible for damage caused to products where alternative cleaning processes are used.
Some products may come with specific care recommendations and we would advise to check all labels carefully on receipt of your item.
Due to the delicate nature of many of our fabrics, all products should be treated with care when wearing jewellery and accessories. Do not spray perfumes directly onto fabric, and all perfumes and cosmetics should be fully dry before wearing your items. To prolong the life of your Self-Portrait product, ensure products are stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Knitwear should be folded to prevent stretching when hung, and we would recommend to hang delicate lace and chiffon items on padded hangers.

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